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Join top brands around the world that have used our award-winning 
Event Engagement and Management Platform to make their virtual and hybrid events more Efficient, Intelligent and Profitable.

Trusted by the best

Our virtual and hybrid events platform has been used across industries. From fortune 500 companies and world bodies to PCOs and leading B2B event organizers.

Some of our virtual events

We have hosted some of the most prestigious virtual events across industries around the globe. AI, Blockchain, Real estate, Medicine, Travel, MICE, Cyber security & Weddings to name a few.

Sneak peek into our
virtual event

Watch the below teaser video to get an idea of what a Sarcon virtual event could look like. This is just a teaser, schedule a demo to get the low-down on all our latest features. We offer 3D, 3D 360 and VR options.

If you are an event organizer looking to make your events more efficient and profitable or a marketer looking to get 10X ROI for marketing and lead capture dollars at events, we should talk.

Events on average have a 113% ROI using event technology 

 - Forrester Study

Everything you need to effortlessly run your events


Online Registration, Ticketing and Onsite DoorManagement

-Help attendees easily register for      your event and buy tickets.
-Easily track and communicate with attendees from your admin panel
-Scan tickets at your event and check-in attendees in seconds 


Event Apps

-Make your event completely paperless 
-Help attendees network and get maximum ROI from you event
-Collect event and session feedback
-Send real time updates in one click from your phone to theirs


Event Website

- A sleek website to make a great first impression
-All data synched with your mobile app
-Make last minute changes to the site from any device


Virtual Events

- Virtual conferences, tradeshows, B2B meetings,concerts etc
- 10X Content and Engagement
- 10X Value to Sponsors and exhibitors
- 10X Revenue


Digital Marketing for events

Promote your event using the latest tools and strategies in digital marketing.


Securing Sponsorship

Secure sponsorship and create additional revenue channels to monetize


Year round community building

Turn your events into year round communities, creating more value for you and your sponsors


Get 10X ROI for marketing and lead capture dollars spent at events


10X lead capture

Capture 10X the number of leads at events, with or without physical presence


10X branding

Stand out from the crowd and position your brand,products and services in front of attendees.


10X scale

Have presence at events around the world at a fraction of current sponsorship costs. And create a year round comunity


How do we do it?

Talk to us :) . Contact

About us

Sarcon is a cutting edge event technology company founded by former Intel, Oracle and Kellogg Alumni. We are recognized by the Government of SingaporeNASSCOM and have a bunch of prestigious recognitions to our name. 

Our technology has powered events of all sizes, from large international conferences to focused B2B meets in industries ranging from Defence,Information Technology,Aerospace to Medicine and NanoTechnology.

The engineering team behind Sarcon consists of patent holding engineers. You can be assured of industry leading security, scalability, world-class user interface and unmatched customer service where we will hold your hand in every step of the way.

Headquartered in the worlds third largest startup hub in Bangalore-India , we have operations in Dubai, Singapore and North America. 

Reasons why top event organizers work with us


Have a competitive edge in the market

-We work behind the scenes with top event organizers and help them outmaneuver the competition in bids. 
-Help position them as the first choice for sponsors and attendees.


Enhance brand perception

-It is very essential for a brand to be perceived as progressive by adopting the latest technologies and give more value to attendees and sponsors


Increase efficiency

-Reduce costs (Printing,support staff)
-Easily communicate updates 
-Save man-hours
-Calculate ROI


Grow revenue

-Attract sponsors
-Create additional revenue channels


Increase attendee engagement

-Keep attendees engaged before,during and after the event
-Increase ROI for attendees and sponsors


Build a year round community

-Turn events into an anchor for a year round marketing and engagement campaign

Testimonials from delegates,exhibitors,sponsors and partners

 “Sarcon helped our Russian delegation easily navigate the conference and find the right business contacts” 

   “I congratulate the IESA and Sarcon team for this innovative new way to connect with the people and make the event paperless” 

“The Sarcon event app is a great way to connect with other attendees esp in large exhibitions where it is hard to manually find the right people”

"An offering like Sarcon helps us continue to maintain our lead as a top state-of-the-art events and conferencing hotel"

    “Sarcon saved us a lot of time in finding the right business connects. Compared to other events where I would spend close to an hour going through the booklets this was way more efficient” 

Typical flow of a Sarcon powered event



Prospective attendee/sponsor lands on your event website

- Make a great first impression with your sleek modern design
- He gets all the information about the event (key speakers,sessions, unique offerings)


Chooses a ticket & proceeds to make payment

- Create custom fields to be entered before ticket purchase
- Payment made via Credit Card,OnlineBanking etc
- Attendee is mailed a ticket containing a QR code 


Behind the Scenes

-Get detailed registration stats on your dashboard
-View all details of registrants 
-Communicate with attendees from within your admin panel
-Send invites to prospective attendees

Attendees Start Engaging



Attendees download your official app and start networking with each other

-Start setting meetings
-Keep upto date with your event as it evolves
-Bookmark key sessions to attend


Send event updates via push notifications and build a buzz


Promote the event using the latest in Digital Marketing and secure sponsorship

The Big Day



Addendees show digital/printed ticket at registration desk

-QR code on ticket is scanned and attendee is checkedin


Attendees navigate the event using the app and continue to network

-Check the latest event schedule
-Setup meetings with other attendees
-Access floor plans,maps,social wall
-Take part in digital contests
-Access presentation files


Conduct surveys,polls and send updates

-Collect session level and event level surveys
-Send realtime updates to attendees

The Beginning



Event Report

-Collect valuable data 
-Figure what worked and what didn't 


Build a year round community 

-Attendees continue to network on your app
-Send regular updates and keep them engaged
-Grow your community through other channels


For demos,partnerships and other queries


Being a cloud based software company we aren`t limited by geography. Our products have successfully powered top events around the globe.  


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