Work on cutting edge tech,disrupt industries and have fun. 

If you have what it takes to be world class at what you do, if work hard and play hard is your motto then Sarcon might be the right place for you. Work on cutting edge technologies from AR/VR to IOT and AI. Execute bold and out of the box strategies to disrupt industries. Work alongside patent holding engineers with top pedigree ,crazy genius dropouts and business veterans for whom 10 figure deals is commonplace.

If you are looking for a cushy job then this might not be the right place for you. But if you are a hungry Spartan that wants to grow really quickly and prefers high risk high reward options then you'll feel right at home. An entrepreneurial mindset would be key to succeeding at Sarcon irrespective of your role or seniority.

Beliefs & Values

Work hard - Play hard

"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching."
Speed over perfection.

Self Belief

"Impossible is nothing" - enough said

Good vibes only

Life is too short to be unhappy and happy people do great work.
No matter how good you are at what you do, we have a Zero tolerance A**h**e policy :).


Only the best ideas win- period.

Karma is real

We play hard but fair- and never compromise on ethics. Work for the greater good and always do the right thing. Focus on giving value and the rest will take care of itself


Work like a legend in everything you do. How you do anything is how we do everything. Do whatever it takes to succeed even if you dont "feel" like it. 
Focus on the process and the result will take care of itself.

Continous Improvement

Have short feedback loops and keep improving.
The difference between improving and regressing by 1% everyday for a year.  


Join the team and add your secret to greatness and build a great company with us.



We are always looking for smart and hungry folks to join our team. If you have one or (ideally) more of the below skills mail us your CV with a cover letter about why you make a great fit for Sarcon at careersⓐsarcontech•com (Generic mass mails will be blacklisted :) )


-iOS, Anrdoid, Angular, Laravel, Java
-AR/VR, Analytics, IOT, Gaming, AI


- Inside Sales, Enterprise Sales, Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing

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