Tips for branding your event


Branding is the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. The quality of branding you do for your event can take your event to a whole new level. It attracts more attendees thereby increasing the revenue of your event. Building a strong brand is very much important as it tells who you are, what your event is all about and what the audience can expect to get out of your events. Now let’s go through a few important tips that will help you in branding your event.

1. Create a unique identity for your event

First most important thing to do is to create an event logo with the event name and an event hashtag. These three can prove to be very effective in making your event successful. While creating the event logo stick to your event theme and keep it eye-catchy. A nice looking logo is always the first thing that people notice. It represents your event.

2. Use social media

Create your event page on twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. Post regular updates about the events. Post pictures of behind the scenes. This helps in building up the excitement. Create posts about your speakers and promote them on your pages, in turn, you can get the attention of their followers thereby increasing your event’s visibility. Post unique pics and features of your event which you know will draw a crowd to your event.

3. Use the power of influencers

Influencers make a huge difference when it comes to your event branding. If people get to know that a famous influencer star is associated with your event, it makes them excited event more and will surely be interested in attending your event thereby shooting up your attendee numbers.

4. Run competitions and giveaway merchandises

Merchandises have proven to be very effective, because who doesn’t like to rock a shirt or drink from a coffee mug with cool event logos on them? Run competitions on your social media pages or in the nearby malls to create awareness of your event and also increase engagement, and give away prizes or coupons to your events.

5. Create posters and flyers

Well with the advent of social media, the “old methods” have not completely lost their importance. Create attractive posters and flyers using various amazing tools which you can find online and put it out on the streets to attract the local crowd. Although it may not reach a huge number of people, it surely catches the eyes of your local crowd and increases the number of attendees.

6. Make use of all the platforms available.

Branding of your event can be done on your website where the traffic which visits your website will be made aware of your event. It can also be done on your event app. Email Marketing can prove to be very effective in branding your event and of course, make use of conventional methods like putting out posters and flyers.

well, these are the few tips for branding your events. Make sure you take care of all the above points and we are sure you would have done an amazing branding for your events.

                                                                    Hope you found this resource useful!

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