5 things to consider when choosing an event destination


As an event planner, while planning an event, there are various important checkpoints which you will have to cover like the logistics, food and beverages, speakers etc.
Out of all of them, choosing the right destination is one of the most crucial parts in event planning as it sets a tone for your event. This can be the deciding factor whether your event will be a memorable one or a horrible experience. With so many options to choose your destination from, you will be in a state of confusion as to round up on one particular place. To help you with that, we have put together a few important points so that you can cross check whether the destination which you will be deciding matches with all the points which we have listed.

1. Accessibility

This is the first most and important factor. The turning up of attendees is far less if the event is organized in a remote location or if there are a limited number of transport options available. Make sure the destination you choose is a well-known one with an ample number of transportation options available. Check if the place has an international airport and if it has frequent flight timings and also rail routes. The travel time is also crucial. Lesser the travel time, more exciting it is to travel to the destination.

2. Size of the event

The next important step in selecting any event destination is the size or the number of people attending your event. Every venue has a limit of the maximum number of occupants it can shelter at a time. You have to plan your event destination in accordance with the size of your guest list. We do not want a crammed event, do we? Make sure the venue you choose is big enough or spacious enough to fit all your attendees. Sometimes clients constrain the guest lists in order to pave way for people to socialize more. In those kinds of conditions choose the destinations or venues according to the client’s specific requirements.

3. Ambiance

Every event has its own theme. Is it a conference? Or a festival? You will have to select the venue in accordance with the theme of your event. Choose the venue in such a way that the decorations which you will have to make for the event will become minimal as the decor of the venue itself adds to the flavor of the theme of the event.

4.Multi-Day events

In case of Multi-day events, where you have different events scheduled one after the other, choose a bigger place where they have multiple venues on-site or you can limit the venues within the same area so that your attendees can travel easily between the venues. If you are selecting a single venue, then see to it that the transition between one event and the other will be an easy one.

5. Regional Experience

While selecting the destination, see to it that you incorporate the regional flavor or the local culture in the location of your venue. This particularly enhances the experience of your attendees & adds a boost to your event thereby making it a memorable event. Also, attendees will be curious as to what the event destination has to offer them. They will plan out to explore the destination once the event is over or rather even plan to stay for a day or two. Who doesn’t love exploring right? you can officially partner up with the venues and offer sightseeing options for your attendees which makes it even an exciting affair. so put time into the research and present your customers with the most ideal choices for their events.

well, these are the 5 things to consider when planning an event destination.Make sure you cover all these points and we are sure you would have selected the perfect destination for your special event.Also don't forget to Check out our post on Event Planning checklist which has all the points to make sure you dont miss out on anything while planning your event.

                                                                    Hope you found this resource useful!

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