Top 5 Books for Event Professionals


We have put together a rundown of 5 books which we recommend every event professional must read in order to get some leverage in his/her daily tasks or activities. Ofcourse there are many other books written by leading authors in the event industry around the world. we will be covering them in our future blog posts. For now let us have a look at the top 5 books.

1. The Event Professional's Handbook - by Debs Armstrong

This book is a guide for anyone working in or thinking about the events industry.The contributors are some of the most interesting practitioners in the industry today. It provides a way of tackling the challenges of the event industry in a unique way.

2. Event Management For Dummies - by Laura Capell

Planning for an event and don’t know where to start ? Then this book is for you. This book is loaded with checklists, tips, hints and covers all aspects of planning and running an event.

3. EVENT MANAGEMENT: Ultimate Guide To Successful Meetings, Corporate Events,Conferences, Management & Marketing For Successful Events: Become an event planning pro & create a successful event series - by Saurav Mittal

Well as the name suggests, this book is an A-Z guide from a top industry professional.If you have been asked to organize an event and don’t know where to start, this book has your back. Figure out how to gauge the achievement of your event and expand on that accomplishment with post-event marketing.

4. Event Planning: Management & Marketing For Successful Events - by Alex Genadinik

This book is all about event marketing, event planning and event management. Here you will learn about how to put on a series of events that can generate revenue and also you will learn the most ideal approaches to make profits out of your events.

5. Into the Heart of Meetings: Basic Principles of Meeting Design - by Eric De Groot

It portrays the trademark procedures of meetings and how to impact them through Meeting Design. It is also said that the instructors for the minor event management (some portion of a degree in Communications at NHL in the Netherlands) have officially received the book as mandatory purusing material for their understudies.

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