Event Planning Checklist : Part-1


Event planning and coordination can be very exhausting and can also cause mental chaos if not planned well in advance; this can result in an increase in inefficiency and counter productivity. Hence a detailed checklist will help you and your team to work in a certain direction and in a planned way so that no problems or issues arise on the day of the event thereby help you to execute a phenomenal event. The advisable time period to start planning is 6 months before the day of your event.

a) First things first – The planning

This is a very important stepping stone. Your whole event plan is built on this particular step.
  • Purpose of the Event?
  • Establish event goals and objectives.
  • Had the same event theme been executed? If so what are the new additions?
  • Select and block dates.
  • Create an overview of the event such as theme, programs to include etc
  • Who are the event committee, event manager?
  • Number of people required for running the event?
  • Create an audience persona and plan your event according to that. ( everybody hates a boring event )

b) Venue

The venue plays an important part in your event. A nice looking ambiance itself could step up the game and make your attendees feel good. This also has an impact on your marketing. How? People tend to take selfies where the background looks good and they post it on social media. Guess whose event is going to get famous?
  • Identify the venue according to your event theme.
  • logistics planning, e.g.: Name tags, badges, wifi passwords, Emergency kits etc
  • Investigate need for any special permits (music permits), licenses, insurance, etc
  • Identify and arrange all details such as walkie-talkies, Audiovisual equipment, parking, signage, etc
  • Plan for the security needs for your event.
  • The capacity of the venue.
  • Charging stations for electronic devices.
  • Number of volunteers.
  • Food planning: preferences etc ( make your attendees feel nurtured and nourished )
  • Licensing of Alcohol.

c) Finance

Budgeting your event is also an important factor. The last thing you need is to let the spending out of your hand.
  • cost estimates of
    1. Entertainers
    2. Food and beverages
    3. Room rentals
    4. Equipment
    5. Speaker Fees
    6. Travel ( flight tickets, bus etc )
  • Registration Fees
  • Online registration setup
  • Sponsor amounts
  • Identify items which are normally neglected while taking into account and accounting tracking details

This concludes the part-1 of our checklist. The 2nd part of our event checklist is coming soon !

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